Big Update on Dr. Jewel Pookrum!!!
Many of you have been asking about lectures with "Dr. Jewel Pookrum" while Dr. Pookrum has been quiet for some years now to give herself to deeper studies, she is now ready to reveal her "New Findings" on "Immortality". You will be utterly amazed and absolutely motivated to learn how to "Increase Your Mental Potential" and enter the next phase of your life. Dr. Pookrum wants first to offer (all of you) access to this information. It is her desire that each and every one of us reaches our full potential. What’s more, instead of the traditional way of operating her services, realistically understanding that it would be next to impossible to see each and every one of you in person, Dr. Pookrum has set up a Tele-chat service. This Tele-chat Service will allow FB Friends to become "Chat Members" which will enable you to attend "online lectures with Dr. Pookrum" 2x per week with (1) topic each week. Members are also able to chat directly with Dr. Pookrum.

In addition, each member will have access to Dr. Pookrum's personal email for prompt confidentiality purposes. So, should you have any questions for Dr. Pookrum they will be listed as priority and answered in the order received. We structured this opportunity considering your individual situations. Therefore, the cost for Dr. Pookrum's services is: (Members only) 29.99 per. month or 49.99 per. month for couples (8 chats - 2 per week). (Face Book Friends) 11.99 per week for (2) chats.